South Point sports book more bullish on the Cyclones

Two weeks ago, CG Technologies tabbed Iowa State’s win/loss total for the 2017 college football season at 4.5. 

On Friday, South Point chimed in. These guys like the Cyclones better by an entire game, tabbing Iowa State with a 5.5 number for this fall.

Iowa State has won eight combined games in the last three years and obviously, should the Cyclones hit the over, that would equal a bowl game.

The rest of the Big 12’s win/loss totals are listed below. 

Baylor, 8
Iowa State, 5.5
Kansas, 2.5
Kansas State, 7.5
Oklahoma, 10
Oklahoma State, 9
Texas, 7.5
TCU, 8
Texas Tech, 4.5
West Virginia, 6