REPORT: Seven of 10 Big 12 schools want to expand

A fascinating report surfaced out of Cincinnati yesterday. 

It shouldn’t be surprise to anyone that the University of Cincinnati is making a major behind-the-scenes push to be included in any expansion plans that the Big 12 might have (that could happen as soon as this summer). We have known this for a while. Go ahead and pencil BYU and UConn (and likely others too) to that list as well. Millions of dollars are on the line. The politics are heavy. 

What’s new, you ask?

According to the above linked piece written by the Cincinnati Enquirer’s Jason Williams, seven of the 10 schools in the current Big 12 favor expansion, while Texas, Texas Tech and TCU are the ones content at 10. 

If true, this is new information. 

"It’s believed seven of the 10 schools favor expansion," Williams wrote. "But Big 12 bylaws call for a super majority vote of 75 percent (so at least eight schools) to make a major change. Texas is believed to be influencing Texas Tech’s and Texas Christian’s decisions to also be reluctant to expansion."

Williams is reporting that Texas Tech is siding with Texas because of the longstanding relationship between the two public universities. TCU is reportedly on board because Texas "helped the Horned Frogs" get into the Big 12 four years ago. 

Meanwhile on Monday (at league meetings in Phoenix), Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby basically admitted that expansion and adding a championship game is what will be best for the league long-term.

It is a fascinating, high-drama situation that will likely ramp up later this month at the league meetings in Dallas.