WILLIAMS BLOG: Fred finally figures out what Hilton smells like

AMES — Hilton Coliseum smells. 

You all know what I’m talking about, right? When you walk into the historic building that opened on Dec. 2, 1971, you smell something. It’s been the same stench for decades, but I’ve yet to hear anybody identify what it is. 

During his final press conference at Iowa State before beginning his full-time duties as head coach of the Chicago Bulls, an emotional Fred Hoiberg finally figured it out. 

“Walking down that tunnel today, it was emotional coming in here," Hoiberg said. "I still remember when I walked in here as a coach for the first time. It smelled the same."

Wait for it…

"It smelled the same as when I came here. I kind of had that popcorn aroma going through this building. It had it here today. That’s something that I’ll miss a lot.”

While in Chicago, Hoiberg will miss his players. He will miss his colleagues. He will miss his longtime friends and family who reside in Ames. He will also miss the smell of Hilton Coliseum – the smell that we all can finally agree, is popcorn. 

Do you agree?