Williams Blog: Tip of the hat on the alt uniforms


I could not care less if fans think the “gold” uniforms that Iowa State is wearing this weekend against Toledo are gnarly, cute (as my wife would say), ugly or somewhere in between.

At least Iowa State’s football program is doing something to stay hip. 

The kids – also known as potential recruits – like this type of thing, don’t you know?

For years, I’ve called for this program to be a little more radical in what it wears on the gridiron.

Heck, if I were the coach, I’d throw these guys out there in camouflage. How sick would that be?

There are certain things you cannot control – like geography and demographics.  

Iowa State absolutely can control its image and that’s why I applaud the use of alternate uniforms as often as possible. 

Why the heck not?

It isn’t as if Iowa State has some national football brand that is recognizable across the US-of-A.

So consider this a tip of my neon-purple and lightning yellow Minnesota Vikings hat to Paul Rhoads – a dude who is as old school as they come – for allowing this move to take place. 

My only complaint: Why do this on a game when nobody other than Iowans will see it?

I’m nitpicking though.

Well done, Iowa State.