Big 12 suspends Saturday’s replay official

At the end of the first half of Saturday’s 32-28 Kansas State victory over Iowa State, controversy ensued surrounding the lack of a review on a Trent Lockett reception on the Iowa State one-yard line. 

On Sunday, the Big 12’s Supervisor of Officials, Walt Anderson, issued the following statement around the play. 

"During Saturday’s Kansas State vs. Iowa State football game, with K-State in possession of the ball just prior to the half, an on-field ruling of a completed pass occurred near the pylon at the front of the ISU end zone.  By rule, once the ball is legally snapped, review of the previous play is not allowed. 

After internal review it has been determined that the video evidence of the play was inconclusive.  However, the replay official failed to follow established procedures in a timely manner, which prevented the play from being stopped for review prior to the next snap.

Because of the video review process breach, the Replay Official and Communicator are receiving reprimands and each will receive a one-game suspension for failing to follow proper replay procedures and mechanics."

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