ISU removes Bubu Palo from basketball team

AMES — Two and a half hours before Iowa State kicked off the 2013 football season, basketball made some news. It wasn’t positive news either. 

The Des Moines Register first reported on Saturday afternoon that senior point guard Bubu Palo had been removed from the program. The university confirmed the report via a press release, which is posted below. 

University release

AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University has determined that Bubu Palo will no longer be a member of its men’s basketball team, effective immediately. 

Palo was charged last September with second degree sexual abuse related to an incident in May, 2012. He was then suspended from the team. 

His legal charge was later dropped in January, 2013, by the Story County District Attorney and Palo was reinstated to the basketball team. 

Palo was also found to be innocent of a violation of the Iowa State University Office of Judicial Affairs’ (OJA) Student Code of Conduct. 

After an appeal was submitted this summer, the original decision has been overturned. As a result of being found in violation of the student code of conduct, the university has determined Palo can no longer be a member of the basketball team. 

Palo, a senior from Ames, played in 17 games last year and averaged 2.8 points per game. He was suspended 18 games last year after being charged. 

Student disciplinary matters are covered by federal privacy laws and, as a result, Iowa State University will have no further comment.