Williams Blog: The fastest Cyclone on the team is?

It’s a question that I get from Iowa State fans all of the time…

"Who is the fastest guy on the team?"

Well first of all, I’m not the guy to ask. I see about as much Iowa State football (maybe a little more with two open practices to the media every year) as you do. 

But I get curious about stuff like this too so last week, I stopped into the Iowa State strength and conditioning offices to hound coordinator Yancy McKnight for a good hour. I put the man, who many within the program consider the "best in America" at his job, on the spot. 

It took McKnight a moment to come to a final conclusion. In fact, he had to go ask his assistant, one Clayton Oyster, for a second opinion before giving me a final answer. 

Last year it was cornerback Jeremy Reeves.

"Hands down," McKnight said. 

And for the upcoming 2013 campaign?

McKnight went with four names: DeVondrick Nealy (running back), Aaron Wimberly (running back), Kenneth Lynn (cornerback) and Jansen Watson (cornerback). 

“Flip a coin on that one," McKnight said. "I’d say it is a toss-up between those four.”

There you have it. 

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