Williams’ Monday Musings (5-2)

By Chris Williams, Publisher
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This happens from time to time.

Today is one of those days.

As I sit here at my home office (that overlooks the beautiful Wilson Toyota lot in beautiful Ames, Iowa by the way) on May 2, 2011, I feel somewhat pedestrian doing my job.

On such a momentous day in American history, I am attempting write about sports?

Iowa State’s 2013 men’s basketball recruiting class, the quarterback competition or a new scoreboard at Jack Trice Stadium doesn’t matter much today fanatics.

Democrat, republican, independent, Caucasian, African-America, Asian or whatever…Cyclone, Hawkeye, Panther, Bulldog, Cornhusker, Anteater (speaking of UC-Irvine for you mascot amateurs out there) or Jayhawk…

It doesn’t matter.

A group of brave Americans finally got that SOB.

Sports don’t seem very important today.

On behalf of all of the Cyclone fanatics out there, I want kick off this week’s musings by thanking the members of our military who have sacrificed so much over the last 10 years (or longer). Today, we also offer up prayers and remembrance for those who lost their lives on that fateful September day.

Before getting to some sports banter, I’d like to hand this column off to my tag team partner, Mr. Toby Keith.

I remember when…

If you haven’t seen it by now, check out this story that I wrote this morning about Iowa State assistant men’s basketball coach Matt Abdelmassih, a 26-year old who was in New York City on 9-11. Abdelmassih is from NYC. Anywhoo, Matt and I got to talking about moments in our generation’s lives that we’ll never forget. You know, the big 9-11/Osama’s been killed moments like last night. Matt pointed out those two. The only other specific memories that come to my mind are the night that “Shock and Awe” began in Iraq, along with the evening that it became clear that Barak Obama, an African American man, had been elected President of the United States of America. That indeed was a special night, historically in our great country. Hey young fanatics out there, are we missing anything?


Okay, finally to some sports topics.

I was unpleasantly surprised that not one former Cyclone was drafted to the NFL last weekend. I have had heard rumblings that former Iowa State tight end Collin Franklin had issues with passing a physical for an NFL team. I assume that had a lot to do with his name not being called.

The one guy who I thought would find a home is Ben Lamaak. As Ben told us on last week’s Podcast, numerous NFL teams have been contacting him consistently over the past few months.

The bad news that comes out of last weekend is that because the lockout is back on, guys like Franklin, Lamaak, Alexander Robinson and David Sims cannot sign with teams as undrafted free agents.

In recent years, all of these guys would have had homes nearly 10 minutes after the draft.

The good news is that eventually, this lockout will end. These guys will get their shot to make a roster.


Here is the final tally on how last year’s Big 12 fared in the 2011 NFL Draft. Nebraska, who is off to the Big Ten led the way with seven picks.

Nebraska – 7
Baylor – 4
Colorado – 4
Oklahoma – 4
Texas – 4
Missouri – 3
Kansas State -1
Oklahoma State – 1
Texas A&M – 1
Texas Tech – 1
Iowa State – 0
Kansas – 0

Go ahead and re-read that list for a minute. Along with Kansas, Iowa State was the only Big 12 school that didn’t have a single player taken in the 2011 draft.

Iowa State had one seventh-round pick (Reggie Stephens OL) taken in the 2010 draft.

So with one seventh round draft pick on his roster, Paul Rhoads has gone 6-10 in the league in two years (12-13 overall).

A little deeper math shows that during the last two NFL Drafts, the Big 12 has had 30 players taken in each of them. So Iowa State’s 11 conference competitors have combined for 59 picks to Iowa State’s one.

Paul Rhoads is doing a hell of a job people. He does a heck of a lot, with a little. That’s what it takes to build a program. Hopefully in the future, Rhoads can do more, with more.

For those who care, here is how the draft stacked up by conference, where the Big 12 ended up third in the rankings.

SEC – 38
Pac-12 – 33
Big 12 – 30
Big Ten – 29
ACC – 35
Big East – 22


Here’s a question for you today fanatics. Have you enjoyed the “CF Exclusive Discussion” pieces we’ve posted over the last week? Last week, posted exclusive interviews with Matt Abdelmassish and Bill Fennelly. In the coming days, you’ll see part two of Ian Smith’s conversation with Fennelly and also a discussion with T.J. Otzelberger.

As long as you like them, we’ll keep pumping these bad boys out over the summer months.

KXNO this Wednesday

Just a quick heads up that on Wednesday, I’ll be co-hosting the Miller and Brinson Show on 1460 KXNO with my good friend Dave Zawilinski from ABC 5. Yes, Miller and Brinson do still have a show together but no, I have no clue when they will regularly be in the same town as each other for a consistent period of time.


I made this announcement a few weeks ago, but I’d like to officially welcome a new advertiser, West Cyde Wings to the family. I’m excited about our future relationship with West Cyde Wings, an Ames staple that is now being run by new management.




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