Notebook: Godfrey’s growth, DG’s departure

By Chris Williams, Publisher

The three-game suspension that Fred Hoiberg handed out to Calvin Godfrey in the middle of Iowa State’s Big 12 basketball slate was a blessing in disguise.

Godfrey, a 6-foot-8 freshman averaged 4.1 points and 7.2 rebounds per game during his first 22 games of 2010-11. After serving his suspension, Godfrey averaged 10.6 points and 7.7 rebounds during the final seven games of Iowa State’s season.

The difference?

“When I came back, I was more focused,” Godfrey told “By watching the team play without me, I focused on what I could bring to the team to help them win. I made sure that when I came back to bring that energy.”

Godfrey might have been in over his head during the first few month’s of  his rookie season. To put it simply, he was playing like a freshman.

“When I first came here, I was anxious,” Godfrey explained. “People don’t really make it to college where I am from. I was proud that I was here playing basketball. I was excited and glad to be here. I think that as the season progressed, I felt like it was my role to be here. I slowed down with the excitement and everything else stayed the same.”

In the span of two weeks, Godfrey went from being a guy who wasn’t really on the 2011-12 radar to now being a potential starter, even with the upcoming infusion of talent to the program.

Godfrey could have gone two directions during/after his suspension. He could have pouted, had a bad attitude and transferred. Not this guy. Godfrey worked harder than he ever had before. It paid off.

The best thing for Iowa State is the fact that Godfrey “got it” as a freshman. He was forced to play meaningful minutes earlier than he should have and that experience should pay large dividends in the near future.

“It is definitely going to be a fun trip,” Godfrey said. “I can’t wait to get it started.”

As for Godfrey’s incoming competition for playing time, he welcomes it.

“I am going to do whatever it takes. I have energy. I might as well use it.”

DG expects big things from 2011/12 Clones

Remember when Craig Brackins came back to Ames during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend for a visit? If he’s in the NBA, expect the same out of Diante Garrett. Even if he doesn’t make the association, Garrett said that no matter where he’s at in life, he will always be a Cyclone.

“I’ll always pull for Iowa State,” Garrett said. The fans and everything are like family. This is like my second home. The way that they treated me and showed us love. They were always behind us 100 percent.”

It is a crying shame that Garrett, who averaged 17.3 points and 6.1 assists as a senior for Iowa State, doesn’t have one more year of eligibility.

“I feel like they can be real, real, real, real, REAL good,” Garrett said about Iowa State’s 2011-12 roster. “With all of the guys who came in and people who have been through adversity this year with the freshmen and newcomers who have been in the fire already, they can build on that each and every year. They have a lot of experience coming in next year with guys who have played in big games.”