Williams Blog: Give the PAC 10 credit

By Chris Williams, Publisher — June 4, 2010

I take it you’ve seen the letter? The one that Jamie Pollard and Gregory Geoffroy sent out to Iowa State fans early Friday afternoon?

If you didn’t, CLICK HERE.

I’m glad that this letter was sent out. Iowa State fans needed to hear from their leaders. In a world full or rumors and speculation, communication between the athletic department and its fan base is important.

Here’s what I got out of this letter.

Iowa State has absolutely no say in what the future of the Big 12 is and essentially, fans should prepare for the worst.

Don’t act surprised by this though Fanatics. We all knew that this was the case. Jamie Pollard’s presence in Kansas City this week was the equivalent of Iowa State taking a wooden sword to a gunfight. That’s no disrespect to Pollard. But Iowa State has virtually no chips at this poker table at all. It’s a tough spot.

Like many of you reading this, I have a million thoughts going through my head right now. All sorts of scenarios, possibilities and fears are racing through my brain.

I keep pondering one constant though.

I really respect what the PAC 10 is doing. The PAC 10 is playing hardball with the Big Ten. Sure, the Big Ten probably has a few more muscles in this weight room. But the PAC 10 doesn’t care. They are going to flex anyway.

The PAC 10 has proven to everyone that they are gamers. The PAC 10 isn’t reacting. Instead of just letting the Big Ten take over college athletics, the PAC 10 is stealing a line from Lee Corso.

“Not so fast my friend.”

Lee Corso 300x200