Williams Blog: Wear gold tomorrow

By Chris Williams

Gold Iowa State shirts are rare for some people. I only own a few. I am more of a cardinal or gray type of guy. Listen up Fanatics. If you’re going go Hilton Coliseum to watch the Cyclones take on third-ranked Kansas tomorrow and you don’t own a gold shirt, go buy one. Yeah, I know the economy is tough. The money just isn’t there for some. If that is the case, then find something gold in your closet. Even if it doesn’t say Iowa State on it, wear gold tomorrow.

The athletic department is promoting this as “Gold Rules” day. Do you really want to be the only guy/gal in your section wearing cardinal or gray? Do you really want to be that guy who the students harass because of the color of your shirt?

I didn’t think so. I’ll end this segment of the blog like this. You’re not cool, unless you wear gold tomorrow. So there. You want to be cool don’t you?

That’s what I thought.

Staiger signs, McDermott/Colvin

Lucca Staiger has already signed with a German professional team. Lucca is the newest member of the Alba Berlin squad. That sure didn’t take long did it?

Even before this week’s events, I never really thought that Staiger would be at Iowa State next season. Staiger’s career in Ames reminded me of an episode of the Real World. Up…..down….up again…..higher……waaaaay down…..Just one crazy tilt a whirl of a ride. With all of bouncing around and issues we’ve seen from his camp over the course of two years, his departure to European basketball was inevitable in my opinion.

Leaving in the middle of the season was just flat out wrong.

I feel bad for Greg McDermott and his staff, but not nearly like I do for Iowa State’s players. At least the coaches are getting paid for this. They’ll make money with or without Lucca. They have contracts that guarantee them checks every two weeks. The players are there for one thing. To win. Lucca up and leaving in the middle of January significantly decreases their chance to play in the postseason. The whole situation just stinks for all involved.

Speaking of smelly situations, the Chris Colvin deal really seemed to blow up, as I thought it would. I have to admit, when I first found out that Chris Colvin was going to play on Wednesday night, I was against it. Coach McDermott clearly stated that Colvin would not play until the month of February. We all heard it. We all read the quotes. I didn’t like the decision.

But then I started to think about this deal a little bit more.

“Don’t let the inmates run the asylum.”

“McDermott has lost control of his team.”

“Who runs the show…McDermott or the players?”

Hold your clichés for a minute Fanatics. We’ve all heard them all over the past few days.

First of all, that’s not how it went. Sure, McDermott asked the team what they wanted in regards to this situation. That’s how it should be. Why? Because after the North Dakota State game, McDermott said that Colvin had previously disrespected the TEAM. So if he did that to the group of guys, and he paid his dues, and the TEAM wanted him back so that they had a better chance to compete, why is this such a big deal?

Plus, playing Colvin was ultimately McDermott’s call. No matter how many conversations he had with the team, it was his decision.

Sure, McDermott knew that he was going to take his licks for this in the media. Big deal. Stuff happens. Had Iowa State won on Wednesday night, half of you people who are so angry with this wouldn’t have said a word. That’s my problem with the situation. This is such a huge deal because Iowa State lost. Had they won, a vocal minority would have talked. That would have been the end of it.

How about a little football?

Football workouts going well

Earlier this morning, I interviewed Iowa State’s strength and conditioning coach, Yancy McKnight. From the sound of things, the players have really come to work so far in the month of January.

Coach McKnight used the words “exceeding expectations” at one point during the interview. It’s hard to not be encouraged by comments like that. I don’t want to give too much information away before I post this interview next week, so I’ll leave it at this. I think that you all will really enjoy the piece.