All session Big 12 Tournament ticket giveaway - here's how you win

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Staff member
Apr 10, 2006
Bondurant, Iowa
A fellow Cyclone fan has been kind enough to give Cyclone Fanatic a pair of all session pass Big 12 Tournament tickets. Here is his story on why he wants to give these away and who he wants them to go to:

“My father and I have been going to the Big 12 basketball tournament since 1989. As the years have gone by, it has turned from a father/son trip to a family trip. Unfortunately some of those family members can't make it this year and it turns out I am going to have two extra Big 12 Men's Basketball Tournament tickets this year. They will be in the Cyclone section in the upper deck. In the past, I have simply sold those tickets, however, this year I would like to give the pair of tickets and I figure that CF is a good avenue to do so. In a perfect world I would like to make sure it goes to a father/son, father/daughter, mother/son or mother/daughter if possible. I would just like to jumpstart a special experience for a parent/child that can hopefully grow into what it has been for me and my Dad.”

How cool is that?

So how can you win?

We want to share these positive stories with all Fanatics, so reply to this thread by Thursday morning at 9 a.m. and tell us why you are deserving of these tickets.

AGAIN - we would like them to go to a father/son, father/daughter, mother/son or mother/daughter combo a was written above so tell us why these tickets and trip would be special to you.

We will announce the winner on our Cyclone Fanatic Radio Show that can be heard on 1460 KXnO this Thursday night at 6.


Well-Known Member
Mar 31, 2006
I would love to "wan" (your headline on CF home page) tickets, but I won't enter since I'm in Florida for the month. But cool story about the tickets bring donated!


Well-Known Member
May 31, 2011
My dad is the reason I'm an ISU fan. We've been going to games for a long time. Watching games even longer.

Last year my dad surprised me with tickets to the Senior Night game last year. It was great. Even though we had to park on the other end of Jack Trice because of other events going on.

A couple years ago he was gonna get Big 12 tourney tickets for us to go down too. It was 2013-2014 year. The Deandre Kane team. Unfortunately I had to go to a wedding with my fiancé and it didn't work. He has surprised me with football and basketball tickets several times over the years but we've never been to KC for the tourney.

I'd love to repay him by surprising him with tickets.


Dec 11, 2013
I would love to win tickets to the Big 12 Tourney this year. Being a public school teacher for two main reasons it is very difficult to get away for things like this. One, it is tough to get away during the regular school year. We get 2 personal days each year and they are usually taken for medical issues, or other family obligations. However this year I have not taken any personal days yet, AND the first 2 days of the tourney are on days we do not have school thanks to a 4 day weekend we are calling a mini-spring break. I work in a district where we do not have a traditional spring break. Second, being a public school teacher we just cannot afford things like this. Ticket prices are just crazy high, secondary market pricing is just out of the question and processing fees make it even more ridiculous. Doing something like this will put our budget into a several month tailspin!

I have raised my son to be great ISU fan! He loves playing bball in the MS ranks and will be a freshmen next year and is looking forward to the next level. In fact, he went to the local wellness center to play hoops instead of watching the Baylor game this Sat! Even though he has not hit his growth spurt yet, he loves Morris' game and how Prohm plays the 4 guard line up.

Thanks for offering this contest!


Active Member
Apr 13, 2006
Would love the opportunity to get my son to the Big XII tourney. I was lucky enough to be there in 2000 ( one of the best experiences in my life) and 2001 (not so much...) My son, in his 4th year at ISU, has never had the opportunity to go. He is a passionate Cyclone fan and with this year's tourney being over the start of Spring Break weekend, we have flexibility with schedules.

My son only misses home games when he needs to come home and help us out. He never complains and for me it is a blessing in disguise, as we get to watch the games together on tv. In December, he will be our second ISU grad and this would be an opportunity of lifetime for the two of us.

Thank you for offering this opportunity, I am sure whomever is selected will have a great family memory to share.

Go Cyclones!


New Member
Apr 25, 2006
I have been taking my daughter to ISU Men and Women games since she was 6 months old. She is 7 now, and enjoys going to the games. She gets upset when she can't go to the games that are too late for a school night. The tournament this year, we would be able to attend the Friday and Saturday as she has no school on Friday. However, the cost is likely out of range for us to go. In addition, been wanting to get her out of state for a trip, as she has never been to another state. I have also never attended the Big XII Tourney, but did attend the NCAA Women's tourney about a week later with my mom back when the Men played the infamous Michigan State game in MI. We got to see the Hallmark museum and Crayola stores and would love to get to take my daughter to see those and other area KC attractions too. This trip with my mom was one of my fondest memories with her, and she passed away this past October, so I would love to create a similar fun experience with my daughter.
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Active Member
Nov 22, 2006
My daughter would love to go. She has been a little Cyclone and will be home for spring break and able to go. I coached her in grade school and as a team they did well so we have been into basketball together for a long time. She even sent me the link so I could enter to win tickets.
It is next on her bucket list since she made it to the final four with me four years ago.
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Adam Stilley

New Member
Feb 27, 2017
Would love to win the passes. I have a 4 year old son who loves following the Cyclones with me. His favorite player is Monte Morris and he gets excited whenever he sees him during a game. We live in KC so we have to follow from afar. Would be great to see the Clones in KC!
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Well-Known Member
Jul 2, 2008
Cedar Rapids
My dad and I (second and third generation ISU grads) would love to go! Our biggest regret is not driving down in 2014 to join in on the madness after beating KU. If it helps we have already taught our two year old son to say "Go Cyclones!" and pump his fist.
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New Member
Feb 27, 2017
First Of all wanted say Thanks for the Opportunity, this is a great gesture.

I have 3 Boys Ages 12,10 and 7. Other than being on a court themselves Hilton is their favorite place in the world. My oldest son and I have watched the Big12 Tourney from our couch at home for the past few years and talked about going some day. My oldest two sons just finished up their traveling Basketball season and I couldnt think of a better way to reward them for all their hardwork than a trip to KC to watch our Cyclones bring home our 3rd Championship in the last 4 years. My oldest son Alec wears the number 15 because Naz Long is his idol. We were able to get pics with Naz, Monte, Deonte, Matt and Nick at Hilton Madness this year and so far that is the Highpoint of my 12 year olds life! We live eat and breathe all Cyclones all the Time at our house!


New Member
Jul 25, 2016
I am a senior and high school and will be headed a few hours away from home for college next year. I have always been very busy with work and friends and moving back and forth between parents and it has been tough to find time to just spend time with my mom ever since they got a divorce. Fortunately we find time to hang out at Iowa State basketball games. Over the last five years it has become the way that we bond and spend time together. The cyclones have literally held us together. The one thing that has always alluded us though has been the big 12 tournament. I am originally from Kansas City so i always hoped that we could find an opportunity to go down there before I left for college and it never came to fruition. I really hope that I can spend get this opportunity to have one more great road trip with my mother to see the one thing that has helped us bond, Iowa State Basketball.

To end I thank you for this great opportunity and think that what you are doing is absolutely amazing. I’m sure who ever you choose will love the trip and will never forget it. The big 12 tournament is something that so many of us dream of seeing and it is great that you are giving someone a chance!
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New Member
Apr 12, 2006
My family and I have lived in Gilbert, Ia 35+ years and they raised all of us 4 kids to be Cyclones. My parents loved taking us to lil clone Club events, Veishea, and all Isu sporting events. To say we have a long history with Isu is an understatement. My mother passed away very suddenly and unexpected just a few days ago and I would love to send my little brother, who is a sophomore at Gilbert HS, and my dad away next weekend. It will now be just them living in a house of memories and I think a few days away to enjoy Isu basketball would help tremendously. My sister, who is 7 months pregnant for the 1st time, would love an excuse to get out of town as well as March 10th would've been my mothers 55th birthday. Overall, this weekend would mean much more to our family than a simple Big 12 tournament experience. Thank you.


Well-Known Member
SuperFanatic T2
Dec 19, 2008
This is awesome.

I've never been to the Big 12 tourney and I don't think my dad has either. He's a diehard Cyclone fan that works a lot but still manages to catch every game he can. I'm a current student at ISU and have been to every home game but 2 in the last three years. My dad, older brother, his daughter, and I roadtripped out to Denver last year to watch us advance to the Sweet 16 and I remember my dad saying to us "I wish we could do more stuff like this". So this would be a fantastic experience. I hope whoever does get these tickets has a great time cause this is probably one of the coolest things I've seen on here
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Well-Known Member
Jan 9, 2009
I have been an ISU fan since I attended Iowa State starting in 1998. I was a member of the marching band and the pep band and some of my best memories are playing in the band with my friends at ISU sporting events. The Big 12 tournaments we attended were some of the best of those times.

My 9 year old son is blessed with all of my athletic talent, which is to say, that he has almost none. On top of that, he has his mother's height and small stature. He's never going to be a great athlete. His most physical activity is Tae Kwon Do. However the one sport he has shown an interest in watching is Iowa State basketball. His first game in Hilton was several years ago when Georges Niang was a freshman. Since then, watching Cyclone basketball has been a regular bonding event for both of us.

Right now money is pretty tight with a new 6 month old baby brother in the house, so we definitely won't be able to go to Kansas City were it not for this contest.

Regardless of the outcome I am very appreciative of the family providing this opportunity. Father and son relationships are some of the most precious things in life.
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Well-Known Member
Nov 16, 2009
Cool deal and props to the donor.

My dad and I both can't go as we both can't be gone during calving season, but this is a cool idea and I hope someone very deserving gets these tix and enjoys the weekend in KC.


Wearing nut cup since 2002
Mar 25, 2006
Minneapolis, MN
I've been to the B12 tourney for the last three years, including the first win when we beat Baylor in championship game in 2014. A buddy and I bought all-session passes that year and went to every single game. I remember almost crying watching us win that championship that I couldn't believe we won, it was amazing. What was amazing about that championship was when we beat KU in the semifinals and ISU had the whole P&L to ourselves to celebrate.

The 2015 Championship was very memorable too. I'll never forget that last second shot Monte had against Texas. Coming into the championship day and I got deathly ill (103 degree temp). My wife and buddy had to prop me up at the final game against KU like Weekend at Bernie's, which was probably the worst idea ever considering other people, but I wasn't going to miss that game for anything. When we won we still went out to get food/drinks and celebrate, but the next day I got home and went to urgent care, and they told me that I shouldn't have been doing anything. I was on bed rest for a couple days during the next week, it was horrible.

I went last year and scalped all-session for quite a bit more over ticket price, but was crushed when we lost first round, still made it to most of the games though!

I was looking to go again this year, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find all-session tickets that weren't completely over priced. I would love to go again to cheer on my cyclones and send Naz, Matt and Monte out in style with another Big 12 championship! What would be more fun is bringing my son this year who is old enough to care and has watched most of the games with me this year. He's excited about Iowa State so much that he picked to make his pinewood derby car styled for Iowa State. I think that would be a great experience for my child to experience first hand if we can make it to the championship again this year!


Sep 1, 2012
Nevada, IA
Whether I'm able to win these tickets or not, this is something that I'd like to begin regardless.

As the father of a nearly 2 year old little lady, there are so many things in the world that I enjoy watching her experience for the first time. My wife and I have taken her on many trips to Hilton for either a volleyball or wrestling match but she has yet to see a basketball game live.

Watching games on television is always entertaining because she loves searching for Cy! When she finds him on the screen she chants "CY CY CY!" although it sounds more like EYE EYE EYE.

I've been down to the Sprint Center once for the ISU vs Baylor championship game a few years back and the experience blew me away. The amount of support that our fan base takes down there is second to none!

If I'm able to take my munchkin down to KC to experience that spectacle I can guarantee it will be filled with lots of giggles and chants of CY CY CY!


Well-Known Member
Mar 4, 2007
I am submitting for my brother not for myself. Our family has been going to the Big 12 Tourney since 1993 and only missed a handful of the ones along the way since then. We are all diehard Iowa State fans, like alot of people are. But my brother went through a very rough patch in his personal life last summer when his girlfriend, only 32 years old, died very tragically and suddenly. He continues to struggle with the loss but he has things that take his mind off it and one of those things is Iowa State. Whether it's football, wrestling, basketball...he gets amped up for all the events. It's good to see him with a smile on his face when attending games with him.

I know the submission for this said it should be father/son, mother/daughter, etc and I get that. Just felt I had to submit on my brother's behalf because he would be on cloud nine if something like this were to ever happen.

It's amazing that the family is offering this opportunity...very cool! Regardless of who gets the tickets, they're gonna have a great time!
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