ok we got one game out of the way. it's safe to say that we will most likely be the underdog in every game the rest of the season (besides UNI i guess). we got some confidence going into next weeks rivalry game. the way we played tonight i would say we stand no chance against iowa, BUT we could have a horrible squad and still give them a tough game. saw too many mistakes tonight that need to be fixed immediately if we want to have a successful year. james white should have been ejected for throwing that punch. too many dumb penalties could have cost us but our d stepped up and did a pretty good job, especially on 3rd downs. thought our LBs played better than i expected and our secondary shut down their passing game. missed some tackles early on but tackled better as the game went on. i was suprised that a-rob was shut down. take away that long td run and he didnt do much carrying the ball. passing game was huge tonight! arnaud made 2 of the worst throws i have ever seen, but overall he did a great job. his accuracy has improved and i love seing him use the TE. sed had a few dropped passes but got on track later on. the rest of the WRs looked great. o-line played a heck of a game.

in order to have a good season we need to get better pass rush, open more holes for the running game, arnaud needs a bit of work still and discipline may be an issue. kinda glad to see the personal fouls and things like that tonight so CPR can address that and let these guys know that it wont fly from here on out. good to see we still force turnovers and have a good redzone defense.

didnt get to see much out of the punting game, but kuehl's one punt was horrible. think kirby will get a shot or will we stick with kuehl?

i am also wondering if there has been a decision on who will redshirt this year? was expecting to see a bit more action from some freshmen tonight and i also dont recall seeing chris young or jennert at all.