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    Anticipation. Preparation. Expectation.

    Ive simply been way too busy with other things to get excited about ISU football. Its a shame really have not been able to read/discuss who will be in the 2 deeps, what new faces fans will become endeared with and what the real expectations are this fall.

    However today that all changes. Its here football. The game of men, the passion of millions. Collegiate football is not only a pastime or big business but for some a way of life. Something that can be enjoyed on TV but cant truly be appreciated or loved until witnessed firsthand. A game. A battle. An all out, knockdown, drag out, bloody your mouth and beg for more war.

    Today, the pigskin flies (for what seems like forever ago). Before that, there will be tailgating. Friends. Grilled foods. Cold beer. Big flags and little kid footballs. Games. Good fun. In general, for the true diehard sports fan, its just hours of teasing ahead of the main event.

    But finally, after all that, there will be a coin toss the first of the 2010/2011 ISU football season. As the coin flies into the air and lands on the soft grass of Jack Trice Stadium it marks the official beginning to a new season. New hopes, new dreams. Expectations?

    The media has not hid their low expectations for this Cyclone season. On the surface, its very tough to blame them. We face an extremely difficult schedule this year. While the Cyclones did go to and win a bowl game last season, the season nor the bowl win were entirely spectacular. However, if you watched the ISU-Nebraska 2009 game and still dont believe this team can surprise you please check into a mental health facility immediately. The raw emotion displayed on the field and in that postgame locker room is second to no one.

    Rhoads expects this team to succeed and surprise people. No, check that he demands it. This group has already faced challenges with the offseason turmoil of the Big 12 to the recent flooding in Ames its been a wild summer. If it doesnt kill you, it makes you stronger. These young men should be tough as nails by now.

    So after that coin toss...our Cyclones will strap it up for the first time this fall taking the field to wage war on Northern Illinois University. The real question is


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    Re: Anticipation. Preparation. Expectation.

    nice post -


    "Explode and tear this whole town apart
    Take a knife and cut this pain from my heart
    Find somebody itching for something to start"

    "The Promised Land" Bruce Springsteen

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