To facilitate your personal predictions/projections for the upcoming football season, I've been tooling around with Excel... and the result is a spreadsheet allowing you to input scores before and during the season to keep track of wins and losses.

Included are conference standings that update automatically as you sort out the wins and losses. Because this is only a "beta" (and I use quotes because this isn't a "real" program), I don't think the standings sort themselves out until all of the scores for each division are filled out. However, with all the scores entered in, the standings are accurate and the tiebreakers follow the rules as listed on Big 12 Conference - Official Athletic Site up to Step 3.

Future versions could possibly include the rest of the steps, but I just wanted to get this first version out to iron out bugs any of you run into.

To fill in scores for non-conference games, both teams' score entry fields are editable, but for conference games, the gray score field cannot be changed and relies on input from the corresponding team's entry field.

Let me know what you think, and post your conference predictions here! This does require Microsoft Excel, but it works with any version. Don't worry, no viruses are attached, and if you really are that suspicious, just run a virus check on it beforehand.