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    Summary of new recruits from Cap City games last night

    For what itís worth, hereís a summary of my observations of our recruits from the Capitol City Basketball League games last night (June 17).

    I was very pleasantly surprised by Lucca Staiger. I have to admit that I wasnít impressed with Staiger when I first looked at him. While he has good size for a guard, he doesnít appear to be extremely athletic Ė but donít let that fool you. Heís not fast, but heís very quick. He really anticipates very well. In fact, his court vision was amazing. Excellent passer, excellent ball handler, and he can fill it up from beyond the three. Heís got a great handle because heís got big hands. Heís not just a spot-up shooter, either. He can create shots for his teammates with his excellent ball handling and vision. This is going to sound weird, but he reminded me of Jeff Hornacek Ė someone who has an incredible basketball IQ. I think heís the kind of player whoís going to fit into Macís system extremely well.

    I was also very pleasantly surprised by Sean Haluska. This boy is an athlete. Heís smaller and much more of a true guard than his brother, Adam. He really gets a lot of lift in his jump shot. In fact, he has a tendency to float when he shoots. But heís got excellent range. What impressed me the most, though, are his intangibles Ė his toughness and his competitiveness. You could tell that he wanted to guard Michael Taylor when nobody else on his team wanted anything to do with Micheal. Once again, I really think Mac is going to like Seanís overall game and his attitude. I could see Sean surprising a lot of folks this year with his playing time.

    I really had mixed emotions about Boozer. He started off slow, but heated up as the game went on. I guess the thing that bothered me most about his game was his lack of discipline. He took some shots from WAY outside. And when he did something good, heíd give himself applause all the way down the floor. But I know this setting is like YMCA basketball, so I shouldnít be too critical about that sort of thing. Anyway, I have no doubt that Mac will instill discipline in his game very quickly this fall.

    I was pleased with Clayton Vette. Heís a true post-player Ė very comfortable around the basket. You wonít see him trying to sneak out to the perimeter like Jiri used to do! He showed some nice post moves and also a soft jump shot from 15 feet. I canít wait to see how he develops under Macís guidance. I think he could be a real banger, much like Homan was for us a few years ago. He seems to have a great attitude. As is usually the case with big men, Iím guessing it will take a year or two for Clayton to really blossom, but I think that in a few years weíll look back and realize we got an incredible steal when we picked him up at the 11th hour.

    Unfortunately, I wasnít able to focus much on Marcus Brister. From what little I saw, I really liked his body and his toughness. He seemed content to let the game come to him. He didnít try to force the action too much. Iíve got a feeling heís more comfortable in a structured game setting than this kind of summer league. I just didnít see enough of him to give much of an evaluation.

    Craig Brackins arrived late. However, when he entered the game I really began to get excited. He didnít have a ton of points by halftime when I had to leave, but you could really see his potential. He seems to have the whole package Ė excellent post moves, nice fade away, and a very soft jump shot all the way out to 20 feet. And he brought a lot of oohs and aahs from the crown when he received an excellent pass and slammed it down in traffic. He wonít just play for us right away, heíll contribute significantly right away.

    I didnít get to see Garret or Peterson play.

    Michael Taylor was scary good. He just toyed with the guy from Drake who was trying to guard him and he basically scored at will. He was trash talking all night long. You can tell heís really in his environment when heís playing in a YMCA kind of league like this. Unfortunately, I really think our success this year will depend on whether he can get his act together off the court. If he can get out of the dog house and be a reliable team member this year, heís going to draw so much attention from the opponent that things will really open up for his teammates. Thatís a big IF, though.

    Finally, Wesley Johnson and Rahshon Clark looked very good as well. NOBODY can run the floor and slam it home like Rahshon. And he continues to shoot the three well. If he can just develop his mid-range game and his ball handling, he will make millions. What I really liked about him last night, though, is that he was extremely unselfish (especially when you consider this is just a summer league). He scored plenty when his team needed it, but he was always looking to see if a teammate had a better shot.

    Wesley was his usual smooth silky self. He knocked down some threes, had a few eye opening put-backs, and played an overall great game. He has nothing to prove and you can tell it. He just quietly beats you. If Mac can just inject a little nastiness in him, he can be one of the premier players in the league.

    Overall, I was happy with what I saw yesterday. Iím really excited to see how this group develops. No doubt, weíll have to be patient early on with all the newcomers because theyíre so young and green, but I think they have the potential to develop into a very special group!

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    Re: Summary of new recruits from Cap City games last night

    Thanks for the update.

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