Hoops Dynasty ? Basketball Sim Games - Build your Basketball Dynasty Now!

This site is pretty sweet. I just started playing this season, but it's a really cool basketball simulation. They have every college basketball team in Divisions 1, 2, and 3. You start as the coach of a D3 team (I am Upper Iowa), and if you have some success over a few seasons, you can move up to D2, and then to D1.

You get to recruit all of your players, choose the offense and defense types that you run, choose how many minutes each player spends practicing on all aspects including studying for classes, and you can vary a bunch of stuff based on the opponent you are playing (for instance, if one of your players is matched up against a really weak defensive player you can choose to have your player have a larger percentage of plays run for him).

Each season is roughly a month long in real time. You have one game each day, and there is a conference tournament, and a national tournament as well if you make it.

It's pretty cheap too and a lot of fun. There is a discount for signing up if you are a new member, and you earn points each season as you play that take away from the cost of the next season.

Just wanted to share this in case anyone was interested in giving it a shot. Like I said you start with a D3 school, but they have anyone in Iowa you can think of.