How the Red Sox beat the Yankees to a billion Brett Arends' ROI - MarketWatch

News of the Sox's sky-high valuation will come as little surprise to those in New England who have long been priced out of Fenway Park.
All games there have been sold out since 2003, and tickets now change hands for a small fortune on eBay. Team Marketing Report says it costs a typical family of four about $330 to go to a game. (And I am assuming TMR is using "official" ticket prices rather than the real ones you pay on eBay. You'd be lucky to get four tickets on the black market for $330. For some games you can't get one ticket at that price. The Red Sox will probably boast the first billionaire scalper in history soon too.)
A $1.2 billion price tag is a lofty price to pay for a rich man's trophy. That's nearly 50 times last year's operating income.