For your support of 4-H through the Extension service, direct, and indirect support of 4-H programs, and caring, challenging, and growing the youth of the great state of Iowa.

My kids are in the middle of the Story County Youth Fair and, while participation can be draining, the experiences, challenges, and rewards that volunteers, coordinated by ISU Extension, and paid staff, directly supported through the ISU Extension Service, have supported through the 4-H organization is absolutely incredible.

ISU's support of agriculture in this state through 4-H is beyond measure. Additionally, learning, through participation in the fair, about agriculture, photography, arts, education, cooking, woodworking, science, and on and on is of value to our state and youth that cannot be calculated or over-estimated.

Seeing a small portion of the 4-H programs in action and the results of their hard work makes me proud to be an Iowa State University Alumni and an ISU Supporter.