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    Interesting tidbit about CPR

    Saw this pretty cool mention about CPR in my ESPN mag. (Don't know why I still get it to be honest.) It is in an article about Jets d-back Darrelle Revis, who is considered one of the best in the NFL and could break the contract record for his position.

    ...In those days, "Rell Rev" was a hoops star, the high scorer on his two-time state championship team. But the NBA wasn't an option for a kid his height [5'10"], and there wasn't much of a market for a drummer from the Sound the Alarm Ministries chorus. So Darrelle and his uncle [former NFL DE Sean Gilbert] watched football game films together, dissection the one position they knew he could play at the next level: defensive back.
    By the time Revis got to Pitt, he had modeled himself after Sanders-"I loved the way Deion was always up in a guy's face," he says-and another tough as nails Aliquippa alum, Pro Bowl corner Ty Law. Pitt defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads saw in Revis a hard charger who hated to get beat in practice. But what really impressed Rhoads, now the head coach at Iowa State, was that "nobody ever got separation from Darrelle."...

    He was the 14th pick in the 07 draft. Pretty awesome to pick up a guy who didn't really play much high school football and see how good he became at Pitt and to where he is now. Definitely gets me excited to see what kind of production we'll continue to see out of our defense as CPR continues to coach them. Can't wait for the season!!!

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    Re: Interesting tidbit about CPR

    Nice find. I hadn't read the Revis article yet in my issue.

    As long as Rhoads is at the helm we will hopefully find more diamonds in the rough and hopefully some of them turn out to be the player Revis is/was.

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