I've set theses before but I've never done it with this current web site. I have some Microsoft stock that I just bought a few weeks ago and I want to make sure I have protection in case the bottom falls out. I like to put triggers on everything I buy and then raise them as the stocks go up in price.

So here is the deal

MSFT stock is at around 24.50

The trade trigger wants to know

"When this accours"
"Order type"
"Limit price"
"Activation Price"

Here is how I have it set-up
When this accours=When MSFT drops below $22
Order Type=Stop Limit
Limit Price=$21.75
Activation Price=$21.99

So should I assume if the stock goes below 21.99 it will sell as long as the asking price is above 21.75? If the asking price is below 21.75 it won't sell?