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    Four Days to Glory

    I just finished reading "Four Days to Glory" about LeClare and Borschel trying to become four-time state champs. I didn't even know anything about it but came across it in the New Non-fiction section of the library and thought it looked interesting.

    Most of the book is a really good read and look into the wrestling culture of the state but parts of it annoyed me. It's a pretty Hawk-centric book when it does talk about college which isn't a huge part of the book.

    The chapter on Gable was the worst because it basically went on and on about him with one or two lines about the fact that he wrestled at Iowa State. But, the line that really annoyed me was something like "Cael Sanderson, who followed Gable's footsteps in attending Iowa State University to wrestle, actually went undefeated through college, and became an Olympic and world champion. He still barely makes a dent in the cast-iron armor of the Gable legend."

    But, by the end of the book I was thinking about how that would be changing. The two kids the book focused on wouldn't consider ISU because they grew up in eastern Iowa and were indoctrinated that only Gable and Iowa was worthy of anything and ended up having to settle for Brands. But, with Cael, I see all of that changing in the future as he carves out his own legacy in Ames and makes this the place for the state's top wrestlers to come for the best coaching.

    Also, Mitch Mueller pops up a few times since he was part of that highly-regarded senior class.

    So, if you enjoy wrestling I'd say it's a pretty good read if you can put up with the Hawk love.

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    Re: Four Days to Glory

    Interesting. True wrestling fans know the impact Dan Gable had on it's sport, the Russians tried to impact a plan to defeat Gable in the 72 Olympics only to be defeated. This is one case where I'm just glad Gable has ISU roots. Tom Brands can thank his lucky stars DG came before him, seemed to me Brands won the in state recruiting battle this year, Sanderson will have to beat Brands on the mat to win over future recruits.

    :) Want the stadium full? Bring a friend!

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