I posted this in the other thread, but I wanted everyone to be alert to the tip I got yesterday about MSU's "plan" on how they plan to out vote us:

This is the message I sent a few people yesterday:
I didn't want to post this so just anyone could see this. I friend of mine that goes to MSU gave me a heads up about the voting. MSU is purposely not voting to hopefully make us think that we have this in the bag. She didn't say when they were going to make the push but I would imagine tomorrow afternoon. She said that they have a group of about 30 - 40 that are going to use multiple computers (She thought computer lab) and are going to use the holding down the enter button trick, all night. I thought I would give a heads up and if you could maybe forward to some key people here that would be great, but remember keep it on the back channels!

So if they start cutting into our lead this is what is happening!