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    Starting to think it went down like this...

    Beebe: Ok, $20 million split up 10 ways is $2 million each.
    Texas: No, $20 million split up 3 ways is close to $7 million each.
    Beebe: Uhh, hmmm. My math says $2 million each?
    Texas: Our math says we get a third, Oklahoma gets a third and A&M gets a third.
    Beebe: But what about the others?
    Others: Ya, what about us?
    Texas: What about you? Hey Beebe, isn't there something you can promise to shut 'em up?
    Beebe: Uh, uh, uh...oh ya! Hey guys. Don't sweat that money. I can guarantee you (thinks about the 17 hot wings he had the night before) $17 million a year in TV revenue.
    Others: Really? Sweet! We're in!
    Texas: (whispers to Beebe) Dude, did they just fall for that?
    Beebe: (whispers back) I think so.
    Texas: So what you guys are saying is that we can have the money from Colorado and Nebraska? And y'all are good with that?
    Others: Sure, it's all good! Especially when those millions in TV revenue start pouring in next year!
    Texas: Nex.... (cut off)
    Beebe: Whyyhhy YES. Next year is right. Next year you'll be getting lots and lots of money.
    Beebe: (whispers to Texas) Shhh. We got em.
    Texas: So again, we get the money and y'all are good with that?
    Others: Sure! We trust you guys that you have our best interests in mind!
    Texas: Uhhh, ok. Deal.
    Texas: (whispers to Beebe) Wh*res don't even bend that easily.
    Beebe: Tell me about it. Ok, so where am I going to get all this TV revenue?
    Beebe: (looks over to an empty chair where Texas once was...sees them running out the door with a suitcase full of money...hears laughter erupt from outside.)

    F Texas.

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    Re: Starting to think it went down like this...

    sounds about right

    Hooray for Metaphors!

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    Re: Starting to think it went down like this...

    so let me get this straight... Texas says their leaving for the Pac-10 with their followers (South except Baylor). Sends rest of conference in a panic and NU, CU bolt. We think were ****ed but at least we get the departure money. Texas and friends come back relieved that the conference is down to 10, as planned (no championship game, no chance at late season loss), and says yeah were gonna take that departure money. Now were sitting on the edge of our seats hoping that this so called new tv deal is going to come in and that Texas isn't going to take 75% of the revenue.
    I'm assuming this is all right which is ******* ********. They should be paying us for the meltdowns we had to go through thinking about the MAC or C-USA in 2012. At the very least we should have made a deal. for example
    deal #1- since you sent us into a panic, ISU, Mizzou, KSU, KU, and Baylor, get the money and then we can all benefit from the tv deal.
    deal #2- you guys can take the departure money but we want revenue sharing
    deal #3- we split the money ten ways
    deal #4- you give us the money or you don't get the school tv station.
    deal Z- sure you guys can have all the money and we will hinge ourselves to the hopes that this tv deal is real. errr.

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