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    the texas longhorn network

    what to keep in mind many schools have had different levels of their own network i believe iowa even had the hawkeye network. It is just a way for them to produce games for local television stations to pick up. The difference hear is two-fold and 1 of them could be very problematic to the big 12.

    #1 is Texas actually has a channel of their own (which will only be picked up by texas residents) this is great for texas and shouldn't really affect anyone else. good for them to be popular in a big state

    #2 is if The texas channel gets precedent over other potential outlets. If my understanding is correct they want something similar to the big 10 network and it that case after espn and abc choose the national games the big 10 network took everything else. these games use to get picked up on espn gameday packages and local stations and other outlets. If texas negotiates that they want rights to their games I assume after any national packages but before other potentials outlets than this is very dangerous.

    But look, I'm thrilled you made it thru and I would have made a deal with the devil as well. How magically this turned out that all teams will make 10 million more per year i'm suspicious about but maybe in 2 years the standard increase for all packages will be 10 mil plus. big 10 and sec in the 30 mil per range who knows.

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    Re: the texas longhorn network

    I doubt that any network would give the conference that much money yet not have access to any UT football game they wanted. So, if we're talking nonconference games vs crap opponents, MBB home games and olympic sports, I don't see it being too problematic. I mean, if they are projecting up to $5M a year down the line, that is nothing. Regardless, home teams always have the rights to games that aren't picked up. What UT wants to do with their own non-televised home games is up to them I guess. It also likely gives us the right to televise our own games (Mediacom?) that aren't picked up...something that has plagued us in the past in the nonconference.

    I have no doubt that the sec and big 11 could see $30M...but it is years away. The SEC just signed their contract, so it's not going to change in 2 years. In 10 years, I'm sure that everything will change again. But ISU will be better for it and better positioned. And we'll have 10 more years of major college FB before we have to worry about it.

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    Re: the texas longhorn network

    I don't know why Notre Dame doesn't follow the Texas blue print and join the Big East on the basis of they would get the lions share of the revenue and create their own network.

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