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    The Big 10, Pac 10, ABC/ESPN Master Plan

    If you haven't read this yet, you should check it out. Whether or not you believe that there is a "master plan" behind all the conference realignment, the article provides a very good summary of all that has gone down. - Message Boards

    And here is a Monday morning update from the same poster: - Message Boards

    One highlight:

    9. Is there any more pressure that can be put on Texas A&M to join the Pac-10? ANSWER: Yes and it’s already happening. Without saying so publically (who knows what’s been said behind the scenes directly to Texas A&M), Texas is threatening to end its rivalry with the Aggies. Major newspapers in both Dallas and Houston, Sunday, are reporting that and other consequences if A&M doesn’t play ball. One paper suggests other Texas schools will blackball A&M if it doesn’t join the Pac-10. In other words play ball with us or pay.

    Once again, Texas is setting up another self-fulfilling prophecy. 1: If Nebraska goes to the Big Ten, the Big 12 is dead and its Nebraska’s fault. 2: We did everything we could to save the Big 12, but now that it’s gone, we have no choice but to join the Pac-10. 3: We really want to maintain our rivalry with Texas A&M. However, if the Aggies don’t follow us to the Pac-10, the rivalry is no longer viable and it’s Texas A&M’s fault.

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