Whether the Big 12 continues or not - here are some ideas on how perhaps we could help ourselves in the future.
1) Set up a new out of conference Rivalry in All Sports with the University of Minnesota. The Loss of the Nebraska home football revenue is significant and having a new rival might help replace some of that providing a new revenue stream to both schools with the strength of the Iowa State travelling to Minnesota and TV revenue for Iowa State when we place at their place. if we are in a lesser conference and Iowa stays at a higher level - that rivalry could be jeapordized as well with Iowa claiming they don't want to play and I am not sure I want to play that game with less than half the budget in the future anyway. If history is any indication - the Iowa Legislature will be of little support to keeping balance between the two schools.
2) Put more resources into Mens Basketball, success in MBB will be our best chance to get relevant again nationally to a major conference in the future. Football will be hard to break into the top tier and cost more than putting resources into Basketball, if the big 12 survives - I don't believe it is long term - prepare for the worst and put your money in areas that will help you in the future. Do a Hilton renovation before anymore money is put into Jack Trice Stadium. I believe if this were all happening in the Larry Eustachey years - we would not be getting dismissed so readily.
3) If the big 12 survives - Use some of the Additional money from a New Big 12 contract to keep the succesful coaches and AD Pollard even in the non-revenue sports - Volleyball, Women's Basketball and Football Assistants. Keeping the current successful coaches has to be priority one, this entire process has shown our vulnerability and we need some success in any sport to keep the fan base energized.
4) Expose the Iowa Politicians and Central Iowa Media for their lack of support in this process, energize your fan base - if your supporters don't think you care and the worst happens, the fan base will slowly move east or west with each new generation. Perhaps it will make no difference, but the people that do care need to know our voice is being aired publicly.