However matters may go in the Midwest or in the Big XII Conference or Some Other Conference, we at this school and on those fields of play will never lose our sense of comradship with all of the other Big XII fans. If we are called upon to endure and suffer and move to a Non-BCS conference, we shall courageously compete and struggle for final victory and by our toils be rewarded with eventual BCS status, have no doubt. We abate none of our just demands - Tigers, Wildcats, Jayhawks, Bears, all who join their cause to our own shall be restored.

What we have called the Big XII Conference is over. I expect that the Battle for BCS status has begun. Upon this battle depends the Midwestern lifestyle and values and the long continuity of our University. The whole fury and might of the Top TV markets will be turned upon us. The BCS knows that they will have to rid themselves of these small Midwestern schools to gain top dollar. If we can stand up to them and prove our worth - through any means available - we may yet win entry into a BCS conference and move forth into the broad sunlit uplands where every game is on TV.

But, if we fail, then all we will see are teams from the coasts, acosting us each week and only the few, sparse, large fan base teams from the Midwest grow larger. All that we have known and cared for will sync into an abyss and a post-BCS age will grow even more dark and more sinister. Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, if the Iowa State Cyclones stay in a major conference for 1,000 years, men will say, This Was Their Finest Hour.

Sorry - couldn't help it, I started thinking about that speech tonight as I thought about all the schools falling to the interests of money and TV...