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    Big XII bachelor party

    My buddy's bachelor party is next weekend, just got this email from one of the attendees:

    "I've decided to accept an invitation to a bigger, better bachelor party. I know I've been friends with **** for years and we all live in basically the same geographic area and everything...I mean, I'll still honor my commitment to preside at his wedding in July but after long. I understand this might set off a chain of events in which everyone decides to go to a different bachelor party next weekend and this bachelor party, as it currently exists, might be destroyed forever. But I have to look out for my own selfish, short-term interests. I've just always wanted to be friends with guys who had a better academic reputation and more TV sets."

    My reply:

    "Have fun at your other bachelor party. I'm guessing at that party people will make fun of you for being a redneck and an outsider, you definitely won't be the best man, because nobody even bothers to try to figure out who the best man is at those kinds of bachelor parties. Probably a bunch of jerks anyway, and you'll be more likely to be arrested for public intox no doubt. Like the kind of guys that somehow get into holiday parties, especially the ones around Xmas and New Years, when you're thinking "how the hell did that guy get in here? Who invited him?" Then they get lit up so bad they **** down their leg at the end of the night.

    I'll tell you what, I live in Ft Collins CO and I know people out here would LOVE to have everyone from this bachelor party to come out here and play. Make sure you bring lots of cash though, we're pretty much broke out here."

    At least we can have some fun with this

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    Re: Big XII bachelor party

    That's why I love our friends Kendall! Have fun in Chicago!!

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