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    The Notre Dame issue

    I still think that Notre Dame holds a lot of the cards. At the moment, I think that they realize the game they are playing with the Big Ten. The Big Ten is going to make a play at destablizing the Big East, forcing ND to find a home for their non- football sports. I have to believe Notre Dame knows this. At the same time, ND passionatley wants to stay independent. How can they do that? What they need to do is box the Big Ten in.
    It's pretty obvious that the walls are breached in regards to the Big XII. With CU and NU (presumably) moving on and rumors of the south schools positioning for a trip west, the Big Twelve is falling, and falling fast. That leaves the Upper Midwest with the four step sisters, ISU, KU, KSU, and Mizzou. None are likely candidates for the Big Ten and one (KSU) has downright no chance because of academics. I think Notre Dame can hold together the Big East if it makes a call to Fox saying, "Hey that deal you had for the Big XII? I've got New York City, Boston, Conneticut, Millwaukee, Providence, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, Louisville, Des Moines, Pittsburgh, D.C., Philidelphia and my national following and we'd like to talk about a Big East network." If the money is right (and with better markets than the Big XII, you know it would be), ND could get the Big East football schools (8) plus the the North (4) together for a football network. The most dominant basketball conference would ensue.
    I know this has nothing to do with basketball, but it accomplishes a few things:
    -TV sets
    -Championship game/ BCS
    -Keeps ND happy and a football independent with their own football package (NBC)
    -Effectively stops the Big Ten at twelve.

    It's kind of out there, but I think ND realizes that their hand is being forced and they might jab in one last attempt to say "EFF YOU!" To the Big Ten Conference.

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