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    Texas is the hot spot.

    This is ISU's year right? I mean, we got the big name coach to step in and take this team to the next level. The coaches went out and snagged 11 Juco's to bring immediate help to this team, and one being 4 star commit Jamicah Bass who brings the energy and charisma that this team is longing for. The next season should bring new success with different schemes and playing styles that are different from what we as fans are accustomed to whatching the past 12 years.

    Well not if Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma have anything to do with it. In the latest article from ESPN (Link), these three schools are at the top of the current recruiting class for the 2008 class. With 44 commits thus far between them all, this is leaving slim fixens for the other nine Big XII schools that are also trying to push their way to division championships.

    So can ISU really push forward with the growing success of the already dominate Big XII schools. Why not, there are 49 other states to pull from. At one time, A&M was one school that ISU could beat on a regular basis, but now have become a real contender in the Southern division. Plus with the rising success of Nebraska which is our neighbor state and arch rival, this is definately not going to be a smooth ride. Now, if A&M can make the jump as they have with their program, their is no reason ISU can't either. The nice thing is, this makes for one awesome conference to see some quality football. The records might not show it, but about every team has move forward the last few years, or will hopefully this year, and the games to come will be one hell of a ride.

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    Re: Texas is the hot spot.

    Takes more then one year recruits will come but t come down t the dollar ISU needs to step up the budget

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    Re: Texas is the hot spot.

    I think that it can be done, there just has to be a plan in place, by the right guy, to make it happen. At some point every one of the elite programs in college football made a committment to make the next step. The first step is hiring the right coach. I think that we have done that. Now, we have to see what he does with the little that was left behind. Can he pull that upset to get the program going??? That is the question. I say yes, it might not happen this year, but withing a couple of years we are going to knock off that elephant, and begin to show that we are coming program. If that happens, well if you think that season ticket sales are impressive now, just wait.

    I think that Gene, and his staff for that matter know what they are up against, they have done all of the research. They know that Iowa State football has been a laughingstock. They know the limitations that are in place, but it is a new day, and it is time to go to work.

    Jeffrey A Crawford

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