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    Jeremy- ? on recruits

    you had said that many of the recruits would make their decisions in July? no one has made a commitment yet?

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    That is a good and important question that should be addressed.

    I may have been a little strong in my early judgement of the recruits' willingness to commit early. I think now that things have settled down a bit at ISU, the excitement of players signing right away has also settled some.

    The way I would put it is this; you had extreme excitement around the program and saw somebody as great as Brackins sign early on because he was extremely pumped up about what he heard and saw about the direction of the program. Now fast forward a month or so and you see that the recruits have had tons of calls by other schools and have played in many tournaments with other players. Their excitement has calmed because they have been removed from the situation a lot. They're young, impressionable, and unpredictable kids.

    When I said that I thought we could see a commitment from Stinnett or anybody else as soon as the end of July, I really believed it based on what I heard from some people "very close to the situations". I think many others thought we would see a little more action regarding commitments towards the end of the month as well, but all of the players we have a lot of interest in are gaining a ton of attention due to excellent summer play. It is in some ways a good thing we don't have them commited because it shows how good they are and how much they have improved. Now, that only does us good if they commit to us in the end. I do feel confident we will still have some action in the near future, it just wasn't as soon as I and others predicted.

    Regarding players and the interest being shown by other schools, you would be amazed if you saw some of the schools that have called some of the payers we are in on. I have no doubt that we will get a great recruiting class and be successful for a very long time. I may have jumped the gun with when I thought players would make some choices, however, I still think it will work out nicely for all of us:)

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