I have used Microsoft Money for a long time. About two years ago, I downloaded from the Microsoft site the Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe version I tried Quicken before that but the bank we have our accounts with (Polk County Bank) does not export the right file to import into Quicken so for me to balance the account, I have to do it myself individually. So I went back to Money so I could export saving me a bunch of time.

I know MOney is not longer sold. I just got a new laptop for home and want to put that program on the new computer, but I can't find the setup.exe file to save it to my new computer and install the program. I want to get the program on my new laptop and get the information transferred over so I can reformat the old laptop and send to my nephew who is in the Air Force. I tried calling Microsoft but got people from India who just transfer me all over the place until the phone line gets disconnected(happened twice now).

Does anybody have any idea how to find the setup file to install it on my new computer? Or have any suggestions on a alternative solution since it appears the online license agreement expires on 12/10/10 which means I probably won't be able to import electronic statements from the bank anyway after that date.

It appears that you can download a version of money but doing so makes it where there is no online services so I don't want to use that. Can anybody help me? Any help would be much appreciated.