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    How the goverment should really get involved

    Since I've only made one thread today on the expansion issue, I decided I should start another in response to Culver saying he'd get involved in the situation. How he'd get involved and make an impact? I don't know

    Personally, I can't believe the government hasn't gotten involved for the following reason, which hasn't been brought up nearly enough:

    As a couple of the media pundits have stated (maybe even a few), the point of all of this expansion talk is due to money. $$$$$$$$$. The conferences are all looking to increase their foothold, resulting in increased viewership and beaucoup bucks.

    How does this not raise a red flag with the government to begin with? This is college athletics; not-for-profit, helping athletes get an education. The athletes aren't getting paid, so where does this ever increasing need for larger athletic budgets come from?

    Does Texas really need $120 million + to run their athletic department? I guess if they buy their supplies from the same places the government does, and uses the same unions, maybe, but I'm guessing that's not the case... Seriously, where does this money go? Outside of calipari coached teams, it doesn't go to the players, so it's not like you have to deal with skyrocketing player salaries.

    If Culver and our reps really wanted to help, they'd introduce a bill capping the athletic budgets of schools based on school size: if you go over that cap, you're no longer non-profit, and potentially fined. I guess another option would be for anything over the limit to go to the universities, but that still results in an incentive to pimp out your athletics to increase your budget.

    Won't happen, but I'm guessing if it did we'd find out real quick if this expansion talk was all about the money

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    Re: How the goverment should really get involved

    There's a reason there's a huge difference between Jack Trice Stadium and Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium...they can afford to keep adding to it.

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