This was my first time ever attending one of the tailgate tours. Being from the Waterloo/Cedar Falls area, I wish could have made it to the Waterloo tour. Couldn't make it to that tour because of scheduling conflicts. Girlfriend and I basically ended up sitting by ourselves since we didn't know anyone. I'll have to make sure to make it to Waterloo next year. Still was a good time in Clear Lake. Anyway, some highlights:

  • Christy Johnson-Lynch discussed a national championship for the volleyball team. Didn't guarantee a national championship or anything like that, but said it is now a realistic goal for this program. Especially with how much talent is coming back.
  • Kevin Jackson also discussed the possibilities of a national championship. But said in order for that to happen, we have to beat the team from Iowa City first.
  • Fred Hoiberg was given a standing ovation by the back half of the room. Said the basketball coach that really deserved the standing ovation was Bill Fennelly. The crowd was on their feet within seconds to applaud Coach Fennelly.
  • Hoiberg addressed the critics about never having coached before. Said though he's never coached before, he's been around figures like Flip Saunders, Kevin McHale, Tim Floyd, and that he played for Johnny Orr.
  • Fennelly discussed the youth returning this season. The now sophomores who got a lot of experience as freshmen. You usually don't have experienced sophomores.
  • Rhoads discussed being able to get the trust of the players so quickly after they had been let down in the recent past. Discussed the Nebraska win.
  • Pollard discussed expansion/realignment. Said it makes good tv/radio for the next 12-18 months because that's what speculation does. Said not to fret too much about it. Said that no matter who is in what conference, college athletics has always been competitive. Said Iowa State will always have a seat at the table. May not know at which table or who they'll be sitting with, but they'll always have a seat.
  • The Learfield Sports Directors Cup was discussed a couple of times. How Iowa State is currently 22nd in the nation against division 1 schools in all sports. While Texas, whose budget is 4 times that of Iowa State's, is 23rd and Iowa is 47th.