oddly enough I know it is suppose to be a joke but truly kinda makes sense as well:

LeBron's Next Team

In scant weeks, LeBron James will be the most desirable free agent in recent memory. Where will basketball's biggest catch choose to go?

LeBron's Next Team | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Kings: Sacramento GM Geoff Petrie has been known to call James "the best player in the league," so perhaps this will flatter LeBron into making the wrong decision

Knicks: LeBron has said he's always wanted to play in the Empire State Building

Nets: East Rutherford could be the destination, as James has hinted to the media how much he loves "marshy hellholes"

Bulls: Have wooed James by offering him a chance to be the franchise's all-time second-best player

Bucks: Not very likely, since LeBron has never even heard of this team

Heat: Miami, having no income tax, or apparently any other laws of any kind, may prove intriguing to young James

BK Ventspils: LeBron has always been enamored with Latvia's nightlife

Cavaliers: Makes perfect sense for both sides, but God, would that be boring

also bonus: Breakdown of Steve Nash!!!