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    Jeremy - Calendar events

    Will all ISU sporting events be added to the calendar? I think it would be a great way to keep fans informed what was going on.

    I am not sure if the calendar function is automated to take read in a file, or if you have to post each individually. If it is the latter I would be willing to add events in my free time if you would give me permissions to add items to the calendar.

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    That sounds great. We do have FB games on the calendar but nothing else right now. It would be great to have everything from games to club outings on there for people to reference.

    I will give you access to the calendar so feel free to put up any ISU events that you know of and we can maybe make you the designated event guru or something if you don't mind:)


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    Yeah, I've put up the first half of the football games... I'll finish the rest tonight if you haven't already... I ran out of time the day I was doing them. As far as games go sloaner... All I am doing is puting "Football" vs Opposing Team or "Football @ OPPOSING TEAM" and then describe as much as I can in the inner part... trying to be as consistant as I can.

    Edit: Wow... you move fast sloaner! Nice!

    Jeremy... I know you've got a lot on your plate right now... but some more ideas for the site (calendar in particular) if you have time...

    • Starting times listed out front of the event
    • Tags you can check for various events... so that they appear differently, for example I could tag a football game as an "athletic event" and it will appear in a unique color and a Cyclone outing can be tagged as "other" and appear as it's own color, and birthdays can be the normal grey.
    I don't know how the calendar system works on here if it's so built in that you can't do much about it... but maybe even have a simple monthly calendar that just lists the event... such as "football" or "volleyball" and then you can click on a week that brings you to a weekly calendar that will display more information such as the suggestions above. Anyway... I'm just an idea man... you're the "feasability/is it really worth it" guy.

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