Medders Hoops

Hey Everyone!!

So I've gotten some feedback from this blog, and most people have wanted more frequented updates - well...I will start "blogging" some more. Today is our 2nd off day since camp started, and my legs are appreciative of the day break. Although I've been genuinely suprised with how well I've felt all through camp (with the exception of the small cut above my right eye from a pretty aggressive male defender yesterday at practice)!

Before I get into much more detail, let me tell you this: I MET LARRY BIRD! We met up in an elevator in Conseco, shook hands, and well...I haven't washed them since. To meet a basketball legend was truly amazing, and I've been inspired ever since.

Our camp still is only 9 people full with 3 returners from last year and a bunch of rookies who are still learning how to play more physical, score in 24 seconds instead of 30, and understand that jump ball situations could put my 5'9" self against 6'7" teammate, Alison Bales (there's no "tie ups" in this league!). The smaller camp has really given us a chance to learn the system with the Fever, and we've gotten a lot more help from our coaching staff. It was awesome having Tamika Catchings in practices lately - talk about an amazing player, but even moreso, person. Between her, Tully, and Kasha Terry, all of us rookies are truly fortunate to have the veterans we do here in camp who are really showing us the way.

I am really excited about our first exhibition game, this Saturday, May 5th against the Seattle Storm. It's truly a dream come true to think that I will wear a WNBA jersey and play in a WNBA game. I guess blood, sweat, and tears really do get you somewhere. We are also expecting some more teammates by then, which will be great!!

...And speaking of May 5th, that is the day when my dad has always said, "You're cut off officially the day you graduate college!" I hope he's not THAT seroius!!! It's amazing to think that 4 years of my life, 4 wonderful years, are closed and put away for good into another chapter of my journey. And it's very special that my parents will be driving from Ames early Saturday morning to Indy. They will fly into Ames Thursday night to help finish packing my house and then be here to witness my first true WNBA experience. It seems only fitting that they would be here for it as they sacrificed (and still do) countless hours, energy, and a little chunk of change to help me get to this point. We used to go to Sparks games in the summertime, and the car ride home from the Great Western Forum and then Staples Center was always a game of "what if". What if I made varsity in high school, what if I got a college scholarship to play basketball, and what if I played in that league one day. Well - here's to dreams and living them out!

My off day now consists of a little house, I mean, room cleaning, finding my new bank and close by ATMs, and getting a good workout in before I watch the NBA games this evening. In closing, I wish my family safe travels this way, my friends I congratulate on graduating college this weekend, my Cleveland relatives have added a new addition: my cousin had a son! so I wish them a healthy young Gavin, and lastly, I continue to thank you all for the love and support.

Lyndsey Medders #14