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How can our rabid ticket-buying not be a huge selling point???

With the anticipated uptick in sales (and actual attendance next year), has anyone else pictured guys on their recruiting visit seeing a packed house for a .500 team, a packed house going crazy (especially when the coach is announced), and Coach Hoiberg talking later to that young man and pointing out that this is how ISU treats their guys. Maybe after pointing to that number hanging up in the rafters.
We should see a an increase in tickets sold next year because of Hoiberg. I also believe the first few games will be pretty full for anticipation. Just as always, though, the number of pre-conference games will result in lower attendance after the initial lust phase is over...probably around game 6. We will likely have a poor team, and actual attendance won't be much different than last year as the season runs through. Curiousity and fascination will run its course, and when conference games roll around, actual attendance will be based on winning performance.