MONARCHS: Training Camp Quotes - 042407

Brittany Wilkins:

First couple days of practice – have you felt camaraderie amongst your teammates?:

"Feels good, I’m really happy to be back. Just back in the swing of things. The first couple days of training camp were rough. You know getting your legs and everything back into it, but it’s been good so far. I think there’s some new excitement in the air with the new coach and everything and she’s just bringing a lot of positive energy. Just to put that on the court and just play hard every possession. We’re gonna make mistakes these first couple days because everybody’s getting used to each other, but I’m happy with the way it’s going and we just need to keep pushing each other. You know, staying positive."

How hard is it to get in shape?

"Well I mean, I was overseas so my legs are still kind of still going. We’re all a little sore here and there. We’re playing defense a little longer than we’re used to and stuff. But yeah, I think that we’re still waiting on a few people to get back from overseas, but we can’t wait around for them. We’ve got to get a lot of work done before they come in so we’re ready to go. That’s just gonna help us out even more when they get here."

What did you work on during the off-season?:

"I definitely tried and have been working a lot on my shooting. Just because I want to be a threat as far as a post player shooting the outside elbow shot. That’s one thing that’s big for me. I play against a lot of bigger players in the WNBA so my hook shot is kind of my signature move. I’ve been working on that a lot and trying to stay strong."

Where in Switzerland did you go when you went overseas?

"I went to this town between Bern and Lausanne. It was called Fribourg and my team is still playing. In my contract it says that I wanted to leave early because I knew it was important for me to get back to training camp and just get ready to go. So, they’re still playing and they’re in the playoffs. I think they have a couple more games until the semi finals."

Did you have a good time over there?

"Yeah! Oh yeah it was good! It was hard. The first two weeks I was dying of homesickness, but you kind of get used to it after a while."