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    Chops Propose Settlement with Polk County

    Per the Des Moines Register: Owners of Des Moines AHL franchise to sell, settle debt with Polk County | | The Des Moines Register

    If this is accepted Polk County will get some money, but nowhere near the $12 million they were asking for in the lease contract.

    Not surprised that they sold the franchise for this little though.

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    Re: Chops Propose Settlement with Polk County

    That sucks, really hope they find a way to get most of the money that is owed. They have a legal binding contract so I would think Polk County could really go after whatever they feel is fair right?

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    Re: Chops Propose Settlement with Polk County

    the problem is Schlegel could drag this out so long the county will have paid more than $12 million in legal fees before it's all settled. Then there's non guarantee they even win in the end. The beauty of our legal system - contracts aren't worth the paper their written on if you have a good lawyer.

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    Re: Chops Propose Settlement with Polk County

    Boo! Now it's going to take even longer (if at all) for us to get the good hockey back.

    This sucks. I feel terrible. I really felt like Polk Co was going to stick to their guns and sell it locally.

    Guys, there's no shadier sports organization than that of the Dallas Stars. They pooped on the Cleveland Barons, they pooped on San Jose and they pooped on the people of Minnesota. Now they've crapped on Iowa. This was their intent all along, and the Polk Co supervisors are giving them what they want.

    Let's give a reminder of the time line of events.

    • 2005 Iowa Stars Debut owned by Schlegel Sports (based in the same offices as Dallas Stars' owner Tom Hicks) on a 10-year agreement to stay in Des Moines as the anchor tenant.

    • 2008 Stars Remove affiliation from Iowa and move their franchise to a newly built arena in Cedar Park, TX

    • 2008 Iowa signs a two-year affiliation agreement with Anaheim Ducks.

    • 2008-2009 Iowa Chops don't pay affiliate fees and don't pay local businesses

    • 2009 Texas Stars are given a "temporary franchise" until they can buy an existing franchise.

    • 2009 Anaheim Ducks pull affiliation from Iowa for lack of affiliate payments

    • 2009 AHL suspends Iowa Chops for using franchise as collateral on a loan

    • 2009 Polk County seeks and gains injunction preventing the Schlegel Sports from relocating the AHL Franchise out of Iowa.

    • 2009-2010 Texas Stars start play in Cedar Park, TX with "temporary franchise."
    • 2010 Polk Co. settles for 1.1 million to remove injunction to move AHL team to Cedar Park, Texas.

    Here's what happened in a nutshell: Schlegel and Hicks wanted this team in Texas, and pulled a "Major League" plot line. Terrible name, make it as stupid as possible to keep fans away. They torched the hockey culture here, and just waited until it blew over to pull this today.

    I am so ******.

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