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    Pros/Cons of Hoiberg Hire

    When I first saw, I really didn't know how to react. I didn't grow up in Ames or an ISU fan (grew up an Illinois fan moving around the country). I became an ISU when I started school here in the Fall of '05. So I decided to try and sit down thinking thru it objectively instead of giving a knee jerk reaction. So I put down characteristics of what I would look for in ISU HC, then a list of pros and cons.

    -Loves ISU
    -Knows ISU (preferably went to ISU and/or from Iowa)
    -Over 5 years of coaching experience at D-I (preferably in the BCS or Big 12 with some track record of success)
    -Can sell the program to recruits
    -Can hire good staff around him

    I think that's a pretty good start to a list (Rhoads fits those pretty well).

    -Loves ISU
    -Knows ISU
    -Played at ISU, in the NBA, and been around the NBA
    -Great guy from what I've heard, lots of character
    -Brings ISU fans hope for future
    -Brings back Coach Otz

    -No coaching experience at any level
    -Lack of experience with D-I recruiting rules/issues
    -Rebuilding a program issues

    I'm sure I've missed ones, but I think that seems to cover most of it. So when I look at that, I think as long as you put a good group of assistants around him (maybe one who has been a D-I Head Coach before), this has a great chance of working. As Walters said earlier, short of hiring Tom Izzo, nothing is a sure thing. And I trust Jamie Pollard; he's done a lot of things right in his tenure so I'm going to trust him on this one.

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    Re: Pros/Cons of Hoiberg Hire

    Before Fred was hired I felt that any coach that comes in needs to get a certain level of talent to come in, not necessary top talent. The main thing that needed to do though is to get the players to buy into what ever system they run and execute it.

    I think in the college game having superior knowledge of X's and O's is not as important as getting players to play hard for their coach and trust in what he is trying to teach them. The main reason why CPR was able to have an successful season is that the players believed in the coaching staff.

    For whatever reason the team didn't buy into McDermott even though most people out there still believe he's good X's and O's coach.

    Fred seems to have good start retaining TJ so the talent should be there. We'll have to wait and see if he can get the players to want to play for him.

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    Re: Pros/Cons of Hoiberg Hire

    I see people say that X's and O's aren't as important in the college game as effort, etc... And I think that's incorrect. X's and O's are important, but I think in order to have real success, an understanding of the game is the most important, not just effort. The plays and formulaic part certainly is important in the strategy of the game, and is a good building block, but I think how well a coach can cultivate an understanding of the game of basketball is what separates different levels of play.

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