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Thread: Sockgate?

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    Just when you think you've heard every type of silly controversial subject...

    ESPN link

    BALTIMORE -- The story of Curt Schilling's famous bloody socks from the 2004 playoffs is turning into a bloody mess after a prominent broadcaster claimed one of Schilling's teammates acknowledged the blood wasn't real.

    For those who have somehow forgotten, here's what happened: Schilling, who had a right ankle tendon injury, had sutures stitched into his ankle to keep the tendon stable so he could pitch in Game 6 against the New York Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series. A red stain, presumably blood, could be seen on the sock during the game, which the Red Sox won.

    Schilling repeated the feat in Game 2 of the World Series and the bloody sock from that game was sent to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., after the Red Sox won their first series title since 1918.

    Fast-forward to Wednesday night's Mid-Atlantic Sports Network's telecast of Red Sox-Orioles.

    In the bottom of the fifth, according to multiple media reports, Orioles play-by-play man Gary Thorne said on the air that he had been told by Red Sox catcher Doug Mirabelli that the substance was paint, not blood.

    "The great story we were talking about the other night was that famous red stocking that he wore when they finally won, the blood on his stocking," Thorne told broadcast partner and Hall of Fame pitcher Jim Palmer, according to media reports.

    "Nah," Thorne said. "It was painted. Doug Mirabelli confessed up to it after. It was all for PR. Two-ball, two-strike count."

    Two innings later, according to media reports, Thorne explained Mirabelli had told him the story "a couple of years ago."
    "Go ask him [Mirabelli]," Thorne said.

    After the game, Mirabelli flatly and angrily denied Thorne's story.
    "What? Are you kidding me? He's [expletive] lying. A straight lie," Mirabelli said, according to The Boston Globe. "I never said that. I know it was blood. Everybody knows it was blood."

    "It gets stupider," Schilling added, according to the newspaper. "I got the 9-inch scar for you. You can see it. ... There are some bad people in your line of work, man."

    Red Sox manager Terry Francona also questioned Thorne's version of the story.

    "What Schill did that night on the sports field was one of the most incredible feats I ever witnessed," Francona said, according to The Globe. "[Thorne's remarks] go so far past disappointing. Disrespectful to Schill, to his vocation. I'm stunned.

    "I am just floored. Schill takes his share of shots, and this one is so far below the belt that I'm embarrassed and I wish somebody would have had the good conscience to ask me," Francona said, according to the newspaper.

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    Re: Sockgate?

    ISUFan22, I believe that this is the second baseball-related post I've seen out of you in the last 2 days.

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    Re: Sockgate?

    It seems to be getting better recently with Schilling putting out a million dollar offer to anyone who can prove the stain isn't blood.

    I think Schilling is going a little over the top with this. Gary Thorne is obviously an idiot for having said that, but Schilling really dosn't need to make a big dramatic scene out of it by dragging it on and throwing money on top of it.

    I used to have a lot more respect for Schilling, especially when he helped my D-Backs to a WS title. But it seems like lately he seems to be at the center of more bad than good.

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