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    Gregg Doyel's take on Draft "Experts"

    Peanut Gallery? We know as much as draft 'pros' do -- not much -

    I normally consider Doyel to be an idiot, and this article is certainly full of stupidity and hate, but he does make some good points... and it specifically pokes fun at Robert Gallery, so...

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    Re: Gregg Doyel's take on Draft "Experts"

    Yeah, I remember when hok fans were acting like no team had ever had a player get picked second in the draft before. Gallery = Bust At least he's better than Tony Mandarich, but still a bust for how high he was picked.

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    Re: Gregg Doyel's take on Draft "Experts"

    didnt read it, but we only know as much as draft experts because we listen to what they say... they are not very accurate, but i wouldnt know st louis was most interested in sam bradford #1 if i didnt read it or hear it from somewhere else...

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    Re: Gregg Doyel's take on Draft "Experts"

    What a horribly written article. He comes off high and mighty which is easy when you are looking back. There have been great early on picks and there have been busts. It's not a perfect science by any means.

    I do like that a lot of Big 10 players were the busts though

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    Re: Gregg Doyel's take on Draft "Experts"

    This guys theory's are somewhat flawed. The first Ten picks in the draft are really destined to fail. They are going to a horrible team (unless the pick was the result of a trade with a horrible team). They are usually pressured into startin early because A) they are the highest paid person on the team without ever taking a snap and B) they are likely better or are predicted to be better than the person in front of them on the roster, otherwise they would not have been selected.

    Know one knows how draft picks will turn out. Players can get injured, forced to play early or not fit into a system or maybe just get lazy once they get that big fat check. No one can see into the future, but some teams do make good picks early in the draft.

    I will agree on one thing, Bradford will go early to a team that will be forced to play him early and he could very well be a bust.

    The issue is that if the Rams do not make a splash in the Draft and make the "sexy" pick of a QB then what puts the buts in the seats for 2010.

    I mean it's comparable to the ISU MBB team this year, the die hard fans will attend but without that BIG NAME recruit there is little excitement from the casual fan. If ISU had gotten a certian Ames HS player then even though all of the bad things that have happened since the end of the season there would be plenty of people who would come out to see HB.

    Same goes for the Rams. If picking Bradford sells season tickets then thats what they are forced to do. PERIOD.

    Sorry for the long post.

    “It’s beyond pride. It’s a restored trust. There’s a confidence again, a passion that teeters on swagger. More than anything, (Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads) has restored the Iowa State “it” factor, the steadfast belief that it is great to be a Cyclone...the man’s enthusiasm is genuine to the core...”
    – columnist Sean Keeler, Des Moines Register

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