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    Perspective on player violations in iowa vs country...

    for anyone who thinks we have bad seeds or player issues... such as berryman years ago... Read Oher's book blind side.. so much more detail then movie...

    One great part of the book is how the University of Mississippi covers up an assault for Michael Oher. Some linebacker on the team is making fun of his white family and they push each other and the linebacker runs away and hides in the football player’s tutoring hall. Oher chases him in there and basically beats the kid to death and one of the tutor’s little kids happens to be in the room and gets thrown up against a wall and the kid’s head gets smashed open and has to be rushed to the ER for stitches. Oher runs from the scene, and disappears for awhile, and they are able to cover it up completely. It never even got published in the paper. Never once made the media. Here it would have been discussed for 15 years on how awful of person he was. Ole Miss isnt even a top 10 program.

    If you want to compete in todays world you have to be willing to take on troubled kids, and get them through one way or another. Or play in the Big 10. :)

    2nd interesting fact.

    Most of Oher's friends on the team had multiple kids and some couldn’t read or do simple math. Oher said that if you actually gave all the "thugs" where he came from the same opportunity that he had you would have to have two NFLs b/c there would be so many more great players. In the book the author talks about tons of kids that are NFL prospects in High School that end up just dropping out or going to prison.

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    Re: Perspective on player violations in iowa vs country...

    Every good football team needs a couple players with "a little arson in their heart". This was a statement that I overheard a college coach saying a few years ago.

    These kids are asked to play a game that teeters on the edge of humanity and then expected to be good citizens. I am not saying that we should lower our expectations of them, but I laugh at people who are mortified when lines are crossed.

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