Odd title, but I think one of the reasons the MBB situation is so disappointing and football until recently was a little tough (I go back to '83 as a season ticket holder) is because I feel a sense of ownership in ISU athletics. There are many times I wish I could just have a fans mentality. I am a fan of the Twins and Vikings. I'm happy when they win, but not crushed when they lose. I think that is because I don't have any "skin" in the game with them. With ISU teams, i'm way too disappointed when they lose because I make an emotional and financial investment in the teams. $3-4K/ year x 27 years (81-108K). A fair amount of skin in the game. I think it is more "fair" for owners to expect more than casual fans. More in terms of wins and more in terms of explanations when things are crummy. The logical side and business side of my brain says to sell this, but the fan in me keeps telling me to dollar cost average into this thing and eventually the investment will pay off. Do you feel like an owner or a fan? Should there even be a difference?

I live around all of these brain dead Hawkeye fans with no skin in the game other than their goodwill hand me down polyester hawkeye jackets, and sure they P & M when they don't win the nat'l title they are supposed to win each year, but other than that they seem unaffected. Is ignorance really really bliss? (Oh, JCREEK, I know it is for you.)

Happy Easter, (or as they say in the d'port area happy spring holiday)