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    $7800 Tax Credit for a Leaf - Electric Nissan to Cost Just $25G

    Nissan announced Tuesday that it will sell its upcoming electric car, the LEAF, for $32,780. After a federal tax credit of $7,500 that is available to all buyers, the five-door hatchback will cost just $25,280, several thousand dollars less than the average transaction price of a car sold in the United States.
    When it goes on sale in late 2010, the LEAF is expected to be the only all-electric five-passenger car from a major manufacturer that is capable of being driven on the highway. As a pure-electric vehicle, the LEAF will have range of just 100 miles per charge, limited by the size and expense of the lithium-ion battery pack. On a 220-volt outlet, a full charge takes about eight hours, but Nissan says that an available quick charger can replenish the batteries to 80% capacity in about 30 minutes.
    Put your 220 volt outlet in your garage now. Just in time for football season. Be the first in the neighborhood. No reports of stuck accelerators.

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    Re: $7800 Tax Credit for a Leaf

    Could be interesting. Makes me wonder if "battery memory" is still an issue or not (i.e. if you don't fully charge/discharge the battery on a routine basis, it will slowly lose how much of a charge it will hold)

    This isn't something you exactly want to run down until it dies like a cell phone battery and then plug it in...

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