Players in attendance were Mosman, Anderson ('07), Wieben, Florzak, Ross, Medders, Lighbourne, and Pierson (showed up in the second half).

No-shows were Bildeaux, Bjerke, and Lange.

Wieben hadn't been at any of the games I've attended so I paid most attention to her tonight. She was real impressive. She was shooting and scoring from pretty much everywhere on the floor and probably accounted for at least half of her teams points. (That said, I hope she is a little more reserved in chucking up the 3's during real games.)

Wieben was guarded most of the time by Anderson who continues to impress me with her defensive skills. Not only does she get a ton of blocks due to her height, but she seems have pretty good foot work.

I commented in my 7/16 recap how Florzak didn't make many shots in the second half of last weeks game. To be fair, I decided I should actually keep track this week. 1st half 2/5. 2nd half 1/3.