did anyone watch the late show the day after and see Zach do the top ten? here is what they were

Zach Johnson appeared on the "Late Show with David Letterman" this past Monday. His assignment? Reading a Top 10 list entitled: Top 10 things I can say now that I've won the Masters. Here's the list:

10. I'm going to spend the prize money on Mountain Dew and beef jerky.
9. I once beat a caddie to death with a 7-iron.
8. It's so weird -- before this weekend, I'd never broken 100.
7. The jacket's OK, but I'm most excited to win the "world's greatest golfer" key chain.
6. Even I've never heard of me.
5. If you like golf, you'll love the sleek looks and smooth handling of the 2007 Volkswagen Golf Sedan -- I just made 50 grand.
4. I just wrote down "3" for every hole. Nobody checked.
3. Maybe I can parlay this into an appearance on "Dancing with the Stars."
2. It's a magical week: First I win the Masters, and now I get to tell lame jokes on a third-rate talk show. 1. Thanks to global warming, next year I'm playing without pants.