Ok. I was watching the 1996 Big 8 semi-final game against Missouri the other night on Mediacom. It got me to thinking about that team. I remember Abdul-Kahliq doing a skit about Cyclone fever for WOI. I taped the 1995-96 highlight show Keith Murphy put on with that skit in it and about the season. As most of you can guess, I can no longer find the tape. I was wondering if anyone knew how I might be able to get a copy or any other information they can give me would be greatly appreciated. This is not a live or death matter, but it would be nice to have.

Also, does anyone know of anywhere I could get some old game tape from the Orr, Floyd, or Eustachy era's? As I am aspiring to be a future college or high school basketball coach, I would like to look over to look at sets that they ran and get some ideas on looks. Thank you for any help anyone can give me.

On a side note, I found the tape about the Big 8 that Phillips 66 put out. That was an interesting thing to watch again.